Using Super to buy Commercial Property can boost your retirement wealth

  Almost every Australian who has worked in some capacity has Superannuation and many have chosen to have their own fund – a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF). In fact, as at March 2016 there were 566,000 SMSF’s in Australia controlling assets totaling $600 Billion – an average balance of over $1 Million in each fund. … Read more

Insurance and protecting your family home

Why do I need life and income protection insurance? One of the questions Mortgage Brokers ask clients is whether they are insured – not just car insurance or house insurance (which everyone should have by the way) but life insurance and income protection insurance.  Brokers are obliged to get clients thinking about how they would pay … Read more

Want to knock down and build multiple dwellings?

As the population in our major cities continues to grow and with the centralisation of the workforce there is an increasing trend toward greater density of population and smaller households. What does this mean? It means where there used to be warehouses there are now blocks of apartments and where there used to be a … Read more

Why would you use a Mortgage Broker?

Research has revealed that 53% of Australian’s now use a mortgage broker for their lending needs, up from 35% ten years ago. So why are Australian’s increasingly using the services of a broker?   1) A choice of lenders With an extensive panel of lenders (including the major banks), mortgage brokers are able to compare hundreds of loans to find a loan that gives … Read more

Direct to the bank? Or through a Broker?

Research has revealed that 53% of Australian’s now engage a mortgage broker, up from 35% ten years ago. So why is it that Australian’s are increasingly turning to the services of a broker over going direct to lenders?   To save Time With today’s increasingly busy lifestyles people don’t have hours and hours to devote to … Read more