Buyers Advocates are on your side

Today’s Guest Blog is by Ray Becher, Principal and Founder at Reimund Property Advisory

As a professional Buyers Advocate, one of the questions I get asked most frequently is “What can a Buyers Advocate do for me that I can’t do for myself?”. My response is always the same in that it always pays to have a professional look after your best interest.

Buying a home, or investment property is an expensive exercise and fraught with situations to make mistakes, if you get it wrong (and a lot of people do) it will cause you a lot of stress, take a lot of your time and will always cost you more money.

A good Advocate or Property Advisor will save you time, manage the emotions of buying, remove the uncertainly and confusion of buying, and most importantly, negotiate you the lowest possible price when securing the property, in short they will save you time, stress and money!

Vendors engage Real Estate agents to secure them the highest possible price, and Real Estate agents are very good at what they do, so it makes sense to engage a Buyers Advocate and industry professional to represent you.

The Advocacy sector is a fairly new industry and there are more Advocates appearing than ever before, so it pays to do your research before engaging one, and these are the key questions you should be asking;


  1. Do you own property yourself?
    There are a lot of advocates that have never bought property for themselves, would you feel comfortable with an Advocate that doesn’t know what it like to have the experience first-hand? (Neither would I).
  2. Are you Independent?
    There are Advocates that receive commissions from other industry players (builders, developers, agents, brokers) and this can influence the level of advice they provide.
  3. Are you licenced?
    Advocates should to be licenced with Consumer Affairs to do what they do, if they are not licensed, do not engage them!
  4. Is your fee negotiable?
    Most advocates are Fee for Service, and may offer either a flat fee, agreed fee or a percentage fee – Either way, if they are licenced, their fee (by law) is negotiable.

Whether it’s your first home, you’re a seasoned, or new investor, you’re upsizing or downsizing, your Advocate should act as an independent consultant with no third party connections, and offer you expert and trusted opinion and peace of mind when purchasing.

For more information on Buyers Advocates and how one might be able to assist you with advice and securing property, click here, or contact


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Ray Becher is Principal and Founder of Reimund Property Advisory. After 20 years negotiating and managing strategic partnerships for some of Australia’s most reputable and blue chip companies, Ray blends his corporate expertise with his passion for finding and negotiating the purchase of the perfect property for every one of his clients. A third generation property developer and investor, Ray has been involved with property acquisition and development his whole life. He is a licenced Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer.


This information is of a general nature only and does not constitute professional advice. You should always seek professional advice in relation to your particular circumstances.