Why is your investment loan rate going up?

Changes to Investor Lending Over the past several weeks we have seen the banks make changes to their lending policies, in particular around investment and interest only loans. Following some more discreet changes by some of the second tier lenders, over the past fortnight we have seen a number of significant announcements from the major … Read more

Case Study: Investing in property

Craig works as a Brand Manager at Lion Dairy and Drinks and I recently worked with him to gain pre approval for the purchase of his second investment property. I asked him if he could share his experiences with investing in property.   Tell us a bit about your first investment property? I purchased my first investment … Read more

Refinancing your loan

Better interest rates, lower repayments, paying for that longed for renovation or consolidating other debts, there many reasons why you might want to consider refinancing. What is refinancing? Refinancing is when you pay out your existing loan and replace it with a new loan, either with a new lender or your existing lender. The loan … Read more

Tax Time Tips for Investment Property Owners

It’s tax time and those of you with Investment Property, whether negatively or positively geared, will no doubt be looking to maximise your deductions. Here are 5 Tips on Taxation and Investment Property Have a good accountant. It goes without saying a good accountant that is across all aspects of investment property will keep you on … Read more

Even lower rates for owner-occupiers from the major lenders

A combination of low interest rates and house pricing growth has led to a warning this week from ASIC of a ‘housing bubble’ and the regulator APRA putting a ceiling on investment lending growth for the banking sector. This in turn has led to speculation that banks may look to entice more owner-occupier with deeper … Read more

Direct to the bank? Or through a Broker?

Research has revealed that 53% of Australian’s now engage a mortgage broker, up from 35% ten years ago. So why is it that Australian’s are increasingly turning to the services of a broker over going direct to lenders?   To save Time With today’s increasingly busy lifestyles people don’t have hours and hours to devote to … Read more

Releasing Equity

Most people who have owned property for a period of time have accumulated quite a bit of equity in their homes, through disciplined repayments coupled with asset growth over time.  Equity is the difference between the value of an asset (i.e. your home) and any outstanding debt against that asset (i.e. your mortgage). Equity = … Read more

Is Negative Gearing for me?

Negative Gearing can be described as an approach to investment whereby losses recognised against one investment can be offset against other income, with the effect of reducing one’s overall tax. In Australia, it generally refers to residential property investors who can offset losses on an investment property (or properties) against their regular PAYG income. Negative … Read more